Why the tarot?

I am very thankful to the tarot, for it has brought me the gift of sight. Tarot ask us to see. To notice things and to become aware. Now, awareness by itself is a good thing and just by providing that, tarot would already be great. But tarot doesn’t stay with just allowing us to become aware. No… it goes even further. It actually asks / wants / shows us how to become aware that we are aware. And he does this just by bidding us to look at the pretty pictures (or not, depending on the decks) and saying “now connect the dots”. Use those little grey cells of yours  – just because Agatha Christie rules! – and find out what is here between the lines. In that liminal space between the cards. This is where the magic is. In the liminal spaces.

Man, of course, being the obtuse beast that he is, diligently made an effort to erase all physical liminal spaces that existed in the world. Thankfully, he failed. Even if in the process +90% of the planet got seen / characterized / registered / filed and archived for posterity.

Still, there is the mind. That damnable place where so many get lost and a few discover themselves. There are also a few artifacts that thankfully still make good use of the liminal spaces. Artifacts like comics. Museums. The Tarot.

To read the tarot is very very simple. So simple, in fact, that anyone can do it. All that is needed is to place two pictures together and tell a story. This is all it takes. However, as with all simple things, there is a lot of work to here. We have to look at the pictures and try to figure out how did the its elements came to be there. To do this, we need to bring movement, perspective and time to the equation. And then, once we have figured that picture out, we fearlessly jump into the dark, over to the next picture. As we do this, we gaze over the Abyss and see / trace all the threads that connect that first card we were looking at to the next. And repeat the process.

Tarot brings the gift of the imagination. Let me say that again: IMAGE – NATION. Which, when properly developed (since again, this is a product of the mind), will spark countless other things. And make you aware all the possibilities out there, thus giving one the capacity to consciously act.

And all of this from the simple act of seeing what is in front of us. Of noticing stuff. Of actually taking the time to stop and look at those damned cards. And gradually becoming aware.

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