When the Moon Becomes a Sun

It was a day like any other. The sun was shinning and the thermometer was already marking 33 °C. Then, right out of nothing, the temperature drops. The light dims and everything became darker. The birds started chipping. And just in the floor below, the students started making noise. 'The Sun is being eaten' was … Continue reading When the Moon Becomes a Sun

From the Weight of Scales to the Sharpness of Truth

“The perfect scientist is the one that can reconcile reason and the spiritual.”This is the type of catchy phrase that makes me glance over and consider what I’ve just heard. I’ve been working with other scientists (even if, these days, the most “correct” term is “researcher”) for about 20 years now and I must confess … Continue reading From the Weight of Scales to the Sharpness of Truth

Coming Back for a Nice Goodbye

You know that something big is happening when someone with whom you haven’t spoken for years suddenly calls you to report on the death of a mutual friend with whom you also haven’t talked in years. About twenty years ago, I met someone, let’s call him C., through a mutual acquaintance. C wasn’t exactly open. … Continue reading Coming Back for a Nice Goodbye

Handing Over the Clock

If there’s a concept that has recently become my most hated concept, it is the concept of “time”. For someone like myself, “give it time” is not really the best thing anyone can say to me, as I like to immediately get things rolling and start doing things. It’s the fire in me, you see. … Continue reading Handing Over the Clock

A Little Bit of Lead

One day, when I was around 9 or so, I found a strange thing on the beach. A soft dark-grayish lump with a dull shine. At first, I thought it was some kind of modeling clay, but never before had I seen modeling clay seen of that color. Still, it was malleable, so I played … Continue reading A Little Bit of Lead

Devil’s Debts

A few days ago, a dear friend of mine asked me this question. 'I have the Devil Card. This is bad, right?' She was talking about one of those one-card draws that sometimes appear on horoscopes. I had to confess that I had no idea. You see, I've always maintained that all cards are neutral, so all … Continue reading Devil’s Debts

A Taming of Fires

A series of recent conversations with various people have led me to think about obsession. This is nothing to new to me, as I have five planets in the House of Leo, making me a very fiery person. For us, people of fire, obsession comes easily. We’re creatures of passion and addictions, which means that … Continue reading A Taming of Fires

Eulogy to a Storyteller

John Hurt died last Friday. He was the first actor I ever bothered to memorize the name. The first actor I was interested in seeing more of. I first took notice of him in a kids show called The Storyteller, where he gave life to... The Storyteller, a Jim Henson show where a character who … Continue reading Eulogy to a Storyteller